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Our vision is to offer innovative STEM Education for children and teenagers that
will challenge them to become creative and explore vast opportunities in this field by solving tech-related problems.

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BRENTECH Coding and Robotics is more than a business, it is a vision. Founded in 2018, Brentech is a vision to raise young innovative minds that will create solutions to solve world problems through Coding, Robotics and Technology as a whole..

Six Important Social Skills for Kids

  • Sharing
  • Cooperating
  • Listening
  • Following Directions
  • Respecting Personal Space
  • Using Manners

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Our Classes are Back !!!!.

Our Journey to producing the best kids in the world of IT, has resumed. Join us Now

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we promise you that, we will always develop the intelligent minds of your kids.
Early intellectual development is a very important factor and an often overlooked component of child development

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We analyze the IT capability of each student, and assign the right coding program that suits them and then track their progress.

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We implement constructive learning plans for each child according to the individual's crafted coding path designed for them

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We work on each student carefully developing their coding skills and providing the right tools required for them to learn

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